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Kerasys Damage Clinic Shampoo 600ml

৳ 1,650.00
Repairing shampoo for damaged hair with split ends. Has an effective formula for the restoration of hair damaged by frequent chemical, heat and sun exposure. The shampoo cleanses the skin and hair from everyday dirt, dead cells, sebum. In addition, it helps to restore the structure of the hair along the entire length, helps to cope with the problem of brittleness, and eliminates split ends.

Kerasys Elegance & Sensual Perfumed Shampoo 600ml

৳ 1,650.00
Apple extract, Spa water inclusive.Mineral rich, ?Jaebo spring water? form Kagoshima, Japan with ?Rose extract? makes skin softer by forming hydrating shield and enhances the metabolism to make skin softer and moisturized.

Kerasys Glam & Stylish Perfumed Shampoo 600ml

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The unique power of botanicals will help restore damaged hair and maintain its beauty and health. KeraSys Glam And Stylish Perfume Shampoo is a gentle formula that gently cleanses and deeply nourishes scalp and hair. The product has a significant therapeutic effect, sealing split ends and preventing dry dandruff. Thanks to the gentle formula, the product does not disturb the natural moisture level of the skin and provides a comfortable feeling throughout the day.

Kerasys Pure & Charming Perfumed Shampoo 600ml

৳ 1,650.00
Start up your day with the refreshing and invigorating scents that conjure up the image of shiny morning dews on a green leaf. The pure, white lily and exuberant tiare flower hydrate hair.

Kerasys Scalp Cooling Clinic Shampoo 750ml

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Specially developed formula for dry and sensitive skin. This shampoo is designed for sensitive and dry hair types most prone to dandruff. Combines the mild action of healing plant extracts and acids, champignons perfectly cleanses the skin and fights against the causes, and also allows you to take care of your hair, restoring its rich color, elasticity and excellent health. Natural shampoo consists of environmentally friendly ingredients, does not contain harmful components, therefore does not cause allergies and skin irritation.

Mise en Scene Scalp care shampoo 680ml

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Containing ginger and bamboo to calm your scalp, the?Scalp Care Shampoo?helps refresh your scalp and keep it healthy.